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About Faculty of Public and Municipal Administration


Faculty of Public and Municipal Administration is the main, dynamically developing faculty of the North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Presidental Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, where modern managers with strategic thinking are trained, who are able to make effective decisions and implement them in the sphere of state and municipal, public and corporate governance.


The faculty suggests the following educational programs:


38.03.04 Public and Municipal Administration

Государственное и муниципальное управление




Programme: Full-time, Part-time






38.04.04 Public and Municipal Administration

Modern Public Administration



Modern Public Administration

Programme: Full-time, Part-time






41.06.01 Political Science and Regional Studies

Political institutions processes and technologies



Political Institutions Processes and Technologies

Programme: Full-time, Part-time





46.06.01 Historical Sciences and Archeology

National history



National History

Programme: Full-time, Part-time





We can help you to develop your career!

North-West Institute of Management is a leading school of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. It is one of the biggest and prestigious institutions of bachelor and master degrees in public administration in Russia.

The institute today:

  • Enrolls more than 8 000 students
  • High professional lecturing stuff (more than 80% with academic excellence)
  • Has modern and equipped dormitories (view)
  • Provides the «Russian as Foreign Language» track (more info)

The Institute is linked and has common educational and research projects and exchange programs with international learning institutions from 20 countries of Europe and Asia.

We offer the students a participation in the international academic program of mobility and common learning programs, including the program of “Double diploma”.

Many well-known and distinguished graduates of our Institute have achieved great success in public administration, laws and business.

The Institute has got an impeccable reputation in employability and our degree attracts recognition from a wide range of professional bodies. 99,5% of our graduates are able to find interesting work straight after graduation.

Faculty  of public administration

Dean of the Faculty of Public administration - Dr. Anatoly Lihtin, PhD, a full State Counselor of 1st Class of the Russian Federation.

Faculty  of public administration was founded in 1991 and since that time has been one of the basic and leading schools of the Institute in providing project oriented and innovation learning quality services for a diversity of career options throughout all labor market.

Lecturing staff

Lecturing and teaching staff, consisting also of high rank managers of private  and public sector and  internationally known academics ,  is well experienced within the business and public sector processes.


  • Modeling of processes in public and municipal administration and business technologies
  • Fundamental and applied research in social science
  • Strategic spatial planning

With a bachelor degree in «Public Administration»­ you will be well-prepared for a career in:

  • Public management on federal, regional and local level
  • Legislative councils of all levels
  • Local management
  • Management in private sector
  • Management in public companies , joint capital companies and SME

Student life 

During the year the Faculty  hosts several activities:

  • Open days  of the Faculty
  • The  1st year  Students’ Day
  • Trainings on project management
  • Tourist campus day
  • Field visits to the tank training centre

The Faculty acts as a co-organizer of the city Oratory Festival and international Oratory festival in Tsarsky Lyceum (Pushkin).
The Faculty is proud for a wide range of sport activities to suit all levels (inter-university sports, city competitions) and abilities.
A school of political science has launched and has been leading a club “Polis”, where students develop their potentials through initiating and implementing different political and social projects.

Some reasons to study here:

  • Applied advanced tools in learning process :  interactive lectures, seminars and trainings , distance learning, cyber learning (learning in virtual environment) , business role games, cases (modeling of practices), webinars and others;
  • Individual research work within number of student scientific groups, which helps to discover potential skills and encourage creativity;
  • Student project groups which act as business incubators for innovation and Startup projects , and help in developing competencies essential to progress into chosen career;
  • Individual degrees curriculum enables to chose the diploma thesis already on the first year of studies and efficiently conduct it throughout the whole studying period;
  • Project –focused education by participation in the work of the laboratory on Modeling of processes in public administration and business tools.  Effectiveness and quality of management are the key points that are valued by both the public and private sector;
  • Cooperation with public and local authorities of the North–West Federal District of RF;
  • Student exchanges and traineeships within public institutions, leading Russian companies and international partner-universities for improving career prospects and gaining transferable skills.

School of future presidents

School of Future Presidents is an innovative project, initiated by the students of the School of Public Administration, which got the 1stawardin the Russian contest “Start Up of a career”.
The project aims at career guidance of the school students in St.Petersburg and Leningrad oblast and choosing the most active and potential ones willing to get education in public management.

Applicants’ information

Admission requirements: entry qualifications of the foreign applicant are conducted on the basis of the Examination (a test organized  by the North-West Institute of Management):

Forms and duration of education:

Bachelor degrees
Public administration 38.03.04

1. Based on the secondary school education:

  • Full timelearning – 4 years

2. Based on the professional college education:

  • Distance learning – express programme

Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:30 - 17:45. Break: 13:00 - 13:45


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