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Mission and Editorial Policy


Editorial Policy and Mission of the Journal "Administrative consulting"

Editorial boardnof the Russian scientific and practical Journal "Administrative Consulting" pursues policy the providing publication of ethic and responsible scientific research.

The editorial policy includes:

Use of accurate criteria of authorship

Strict compliance of publications to criteria of the journal

Realization of accurate policy of use of types of reviewing - double-open and double-blinded

Assistance to scientific discussions

Providing the confidential handling of manuscripts

Observance of the declared terms of reviewing, preparation for the edition and replication of the journal

Ensuring the most open access to full text versions of the journal both printed and electronic form

One of highlights of policy of journal – careful reviewing of the materials placed in the edition. The reviewing which is carried out by edition can be:

  • opened when the reviewer and the author possess full information about each other, i.e. know - surnames, positions, work places;

  • closed when the reviewer or the author, or both participants of reviewing don't possess information about each other.

The type of reviewing is accepted at an editorial board meeting at the time of consideration.

For selection process optimization all articles undergo testing Antiplagiat system and only after that go on reviewing.

Reviewing and editing all arriving manuscripts editorial office of the journal carries out according to an established order of reviewing. On the basis of the review the editorial board can accept to publication, recommend to the author to finish article or to reject it.

Reviews of monographs and manuals, information messages about book novelties are published also in the jpurnal.

Editorial board sees mission of the journal in ensuring distribution of information on researches in the field of public sciences and the humanities, the integration of scientific knowledge promoting process and formation of outlook of managers of a new formation. Information and methodical support of the authors involved in publishing process, editors, readers, scientific organizations and other interested persons and the organizations.


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