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The international scientific activity of NWIM RANEPA is aimed at integration of the Institute to the international research area, improvement of research quality, organization of high level scientific events, realization of international scientific projects with participation of leading experts. The Institute develops fundraising activities for international cooperation (Jean Monnet Program, Nordic Council, cross-border cooperation, etc.)

At NWIM RANEPA the Center for International Project Activities (CIPA) is responsible for international research projects, funded by international organizations, preparation of grant applications, international grant management and related activities.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact the Director of CIPA, Mr. Dmitry Novik, PhD (novik-dg@sziu.ranepa.ru, ums@sziu.ranepa.ru).

Jean Monnet Project "Modern challenges to the European integration: international policy and legal aspects" (565663-EPP-1-2015-1-RU-EPPJMO-PROJECT)

The academic project "Modern Challenges to the European Integration: International Policy and Legal Aspects" was jointly carried out by NWIM RANEPA, Saint-Petersburg and Carlos III University of Madrid. The main goal of the project team was to define the most important tasks for the modern development of Europe, which challenges and threats Europe is facing and how Europe could oppose these challenges now and in the future. The main idea was to enhance expert dialog between scholars from different countries and academic fields.

The project was carried out with the support of the European Union within the framework of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet program. Within the project's framework a series of expert meetings and conferences was organized. At the same time academic teams and experts were conducting researches relevant to the project topic.

The head of the project was a leading Russian scientist in the field of international relations, NWIM RANEPA deputy director and head of Chair of international relations Prof. Yuriy Kosov. Project team in Carlos III University of Madrid was lead by the  Director of the department of International, Ecclesiastical Law and the Philosophy of Law Prof. Oscar Celador Angon.

The project team hopes that the project results would allow to better understanding the essence of social, economic, legal and political processes in the modern Europe, and through them - to elaborate some methods to face the most important challenges to the integration process. Finally, it should enhance political and economic stability and strengthen both the EU and other integrations that would lead to further improvement of life quality of their citizens.

NWIM RANEPA’s partner, Carlos III University of Madrid is one of the biggest Spanish universities, member of the leading Alliance of 4 Universities (A4U), leader of international young HEIs rankings. The University is well-known for its focus on internationalization of education, and is the leader by the number of international students and home students sent abroad. The University is traditionally strong in all fields, but the social and political scope is a special focus, as only the careful attention towards the society's need can ensure its sustainable development.

Project program consisted of four main events:

  1. Opening Round table "Innovative approaches to the study of European integration. All-European dialogue as the Cross-fertilisation basis" held on March 3-4, 2016 in St. Petersburg.
  2. Seminar "Europe we make. The geopolitical dimension of the European integration" held on 27-28 June 2016 in Madrid.
  3. Seminar "International legal mechanisms for ensuring European unity and stability of the EU" held on 28-30 November 2016 in Madrid.
  4. The concluding conference "Modern Challenges of European Integration: International Political and Legal Aspects" was held on May 30-June 1, 2017 in Saint Petersburg, Reading Hall of the NWIM RANEPA Scientific Library.

The project team consisted of:

Yuriy Kosov, Head of the project. NWIM RANEPA deputy director, full professor, doctor in phylosophy, head of Chair of international relations, member of the Academic council under the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Yuriy Kosov has a great experience in reserching international relations, geopolitics, modern global problems, as well as in organising scientific activity, which makes him an ideal leader for the project team.

Yuriy Kosov graduated from Leningrad State Technological Institute and had a postgraduate course in Leningrad State University. 1993 he gained a degree of Doctor in philosophy. Dr. Kosov made a career from a professor to the deputy director of NWIM RANEPA (previously the North-West Academy of Public Administration). He heads the NWIM RANEPA Chair of international relation since 2002. In 1997-2002 Prof. Kosov was the deputy dean of Saint Petersburg State University School of International relations, where he is still teaching students as full professor.

Yuriy Kosov leaded the project team work in general, coordinated researches of Russian and Spanish experts, organized and conducted project events.

Oscar Celador Angón, Deputy head of the project. Oscar Celador Angón has a degree in Law (Universidad Complutense, Spain) and a PhD in Law Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He has been a lecturer at the Universidad de León, and furthered his education in European (Florence, Italy; University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK and Queens University, Belfast UK), and American universities (University of Santa Barbara, California, US, and University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA).

His publications have focused mainly on: freedom of conscience, thought and religion; right to education; freedom of education, university autonomy, and several aspects related with the history of human rights. Currently he holds a Chair in Ecclesiastical State Law, and is Director of the department of International, Ecclesiastical Law and the Philosophy of Law.

Oscar Celador Angón organized the work of Spanish experts within the project, coordinates their researches and organized the project events on the premises of Carlos III University of Madrid.

Natalia Muyzinik, Chief international coordinator. Head of NWIM RANEPA Department of International Cooperation, PhD in social science. Natalia Muyzinik heads NWIM RANEPA department responsible for the Institute's international activity, cooperation with international partners, organization of events, implementation of international projects and foreign students and employees affairs. Natalia Muyzinik has almost twenty years of HEI international cooperation experience.

In our project team Natalia Muyzinik was responsible for swift and reliable communication between project team members from different countries, as well as for the communication with the project's environment and with the grantor.


Vadim Atnashev is a graduate of the Eastern Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, the French University College (Sorbonne) in St. Petersburg, the Law Faculty of the North-Western Academy of Public Administration (now NWIM RANEPA), PhD in philology, Associate Professor.

Vadim Atnashev is an author of a large number of scientific publications on the oriental studies, ethnography, the constitutional law of the countries of South-East Asia, international law and conflictology. Speaks six foreign languages (European and Oriental). The main areas of scientific interests are international human rights law, the settlement of ethnic conflicts and citizenship issues. Since 2008, he works at the Department of International and Humanitarian Law of the NWIM RANEPA, reads lecture courses on various international law subjects.

Member of the All-Russian Society of Orientalists, Association of Researchers of Public Policy and Management in the Middle East, the Russian-Vietnamese Friendship Society. Vadim Atnashev is one of the initiators of the project "Modern challenges of the European integration: international political and legal aspects", the author of the title of the project and the significant part of its plan.

Pablo Zapatero Miguel

Professor of the Department of International Law, Church Law and the Philosophy of Law in the Carlos III University of Madrid, Doctor of Law (PhD), General Secretary of the Association of lawyers of Spain. The main areas of research: the legal regulation of international economic relations, globalization, transnational corporations, the theory of international law.

Dmitry Popov

Graduated with honors from the Faculty of History of St. Petersburg State University in 2005.

Specialization – the history of ethno-social conflicts in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. In 2005, enrolled in postgraduate school of the Department of Political Science of St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University and in the same year began his teaching career in the sphere of higher education.

Specializes in teaching subjects of socio-humanitarian cycle. In 2009, he defended his candidate work for theme: “Phenomenon of socio-ethnic conflict in the post-global world”. Author of more than 30 scientific works on social philosophy, domestic and foreign history, political science, international relations and educational work in high schools, co-author of toolkits.

Participant of international and regional conferences on social and humanitarian topics.

Area of scientific interests – applied politics, international relations, PR in international relations, social philosophy.

Montserrat Abad Catelos

Senior Lecturer in Public International Law at Carlos III University (Madrid) (accreditated as Professor by Spanish ANECA, 2014) and, formerly, Legal Adviser in the International Legal Department of the Spanish MFA and Cooperation (full dedication: 2005-2009). She has held different positions teaching International Public Law in different Spanish Universities (Complutense University, among others). Her main research interests are the following: international terrorism; international jurisdiction; civil society issues; and energy. She has been Visiting Fellow at British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London, UK, 2011) and Guest Researcher at Lund University (Sweden, 2012) working on sustainability subjects. Member of the Spanish Centre of Studies and Dissemination of the Humanitarian International Law of the Spanish Red Cross, from 1992. Cross of the Order of Civil Merit (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Febr. 2015).

Natalia Zaslavskaya

PhD in History, Associate Professor of Department of European Studies of the Faculty of International Relations in the St. Petersburg State University. Expert in the fields of European integration, European institutions and European security.

Carmen Perez Gonzalez

Carmen Pérez BA and PhD (University Carlos III of Madrid) is currently Senior Lecturer in Public International Law at Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain. Between 2004 and 2008 she served as Adviser for International Affairs at the Cabinet of the Spanish Secretary of State for Migration and between 2009 and 2010 she served as alternate member of the Management Board of the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union. From October 2016 she is Vice-dean for International Relations and Academic Exchanges of the Social Sciences and Law Faculty.

She has been the project leader of a Spanish national project on the legal protection of vulnerable migrant women. She has been Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute (Florence), the Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht (Heidelberg) and the Refugee Studies Centre (Oxford). Dr. Pérez has written extensively in the area of International and EU migration and asylum law, protection of human rights of migrants, trafficking in human beings and obligations imposed to States under non-refoulement principle, and about International and European Sports Law. Her most recent publications include C. Pérez, Derecho internacional y protección de mujeres migrantes en situación de especial vulnerabilidad, Tirant lo Blanch, 2014; C. Pérez, Migraciones irregulares y Derecho internacional, Tirant lo Blanch 2012; C. Pérez, The adaptation of Spanish Law on family reunification to International and European Law, in: S. Morano-Foadi and M. Malena (eds), Integration for third-country nationals in the European Union. The equality challenge, Edward Elgar, 2012.

Irina Novikova

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of International Relations in the St. Petersburg State University.

Felix Vacas Fernandez

Assistant professor in Public International Law and International Relations, has been invited to several universities both in Spain and abroad to give lectures in Graduate and Post-Graduate studies. Member of several research projects both at national and international level. Thirteen books and a good number of scientific articles published. Main research lines: peace and security, terrorism, International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law: international criminal courts, transitional justice and victims’ rights; International and European Migration Law; International Organizations; European Union Foreign Policy, specially, relations E.U.-Latin America.

Yuriy Mishalchenko

Doctor of Law, Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Law in the NWIM RANEPA.

Dmitry Novik, Technical coordinator.

International coordinator (later – director of Center for international project activities) within the NWIM RANEPA Department of International Cooperation, project's technical coordinator. Dmitry is a specialist in the sphere of international relations, researcher of the history of international relations, PhD in history of international relations.

Within the project D. Novik was responsible for the complex technical organization of project events, support of communication between experts, documental work and cooperation within the project's environment.

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